Grasping Christ's Comfort

Grasping Christ's Comfort
And he said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace." (Luke 4:48 ESV)

"We've reviewed your test results. There is nothing physically wrong with you. You can talk to one of our psychiatrists."

I had come to the doctor looking for comfort 25 years ago, but I left wrapped in shame. This reminds me of the bleeding woman in Luke 4. She spent all her money looking to physicians for comfort—yet found none.

Then one day, Jesus passed her way, and she lightly grasped the hem of the Great Physician’s garment—instantaneously, the hemorrhaging stopped.

When Jesus asked who pressed Him, she stepped out of hiding and fearfully confessed to the stolen touch and her miraculous healing. Instead of rebuke, He praises her faith and bids her to go in peace.

Friend, I, too, reached up for His hem and experienced emotional healing—and so can you. As we release our shame and grasp Christ’s comfort by faith, He wraps us in His garment of peace.

Dear heavenly Father, may we no longer cower behind you in shame, seeking only a corner of Your cloak. Instead, may we realize our blood-bought position and enter Your presence in faith—knowing you will wrap us in the comfort of your entire garment. In Jesus’ name, amen

“The power is not in the finger which touches, but in the divine Savior who is touched.” (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)