Cheryl in the Media

Tammy & Friends: Standing Together When Fighting Spiritual Battles

Cheryl’s interview with Tammy Whitehurst, Co- Director of the Christian Communicators Conference

Extending Grace to Yourself and Others in the Midst of Chronic Health Struggles

Cheryl’s interview with Melony Brown on her ZIG ZAG & 1 podcast.

Shattering the People Pleasing Idol

Cheryl’s interview with Ramona Torres on her Facebook program Girlfriends Talking Live.

Stories of Living Hope

Cheryl’s interview with Teresa Janzen on her Drawn Onward podcast.

God's Ultimate Control When You Feel Vulnerable and Abandoned: Cheryl's Interview on Shannon Popkin's, Live Like It's True Podcast

"A crying baby. A crocodile-infested river. An evil king. And a woman of faith. The story of Moses in the basket (or ark) is full of tension, suspense, and an amazing outcome. Though God's name is not mentioned, His sovereignty is seen in every detail- including the one where Jochebed gets to raise her own baby and tell him the stories of the God who has promised to deliver his people. Is God distant and unaware? Has he forgotten you? Are you facing your frantic fears without Him? Or is God ultimately in control when you feel vulnerable and abandoned? This story answers these questions!" From Shannon Popkin and her Live Like It's True Podcast.