Inviting you to rest securely in God's

Release the high cost of pleasing everyone and create space in your life for the people and ministry projects that matter most. I want to help you on your journey to break the power of other people's opinions and experience rest in the security of your heavenly Father’s embrace! Join me on the journey to freedom.
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How do you know if you're stuck in the approval trap?

  • Do you work tirelessly to keep everyone happy?
  • Do you repress your honest feelings and keep smiling, even when you're in agony on the inside?
  • Do you consistently overcommit? And perhaps regret it later?

Finding your identity in the approval of others leads to endless striving, yet never finding security in your relationships. The good news is, you were never meant to. That’s a burden too heavy to carry.

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Experience freedom from approval-seeking and deepen your security in God. A mental and physical health crisis left a pastor's wife exhausted, desperate, and feeling disqualified for service. Cheryl needed a place of rest from her striving for the approval of others. As she laid down her burden of people pleasing, she found her security and significance in God.
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