Three Ways to Find Comfort in God's Redeeming Love

Three Ways to Find Comfort in God's Redeeming Love

How can God’s redeeming love bring us comfort amid insecurity?

 I nervously glanced around one last time as I made my way to the shuttle, desperately looking for any other ladies NOT wearing a dress.


It was a paltry summer day in St. Louis, and I was feeling the weight of my pregnant belly carrying our fourth child. Hadn’t I been told to come prepared for a sweltering day and a good bit of walking? I berated myself for not realizing that meant a fashionable summer dress, not a dressy shorts outfit!

 Though I wanted to turn back and haul my hormonal self to the solitary confines of my motel room, the Holy Spirit kept reminding me Who’s I was despite my outward attire, so I pressed on to the event.

 What about you? Have you ever shown up to a function sorely underdressed? Or has an unwanted and unexpected circumstance caused old insecurities to resurface, threatening your identity?

 In those unsettling times, the words of Isaiah 43:1 can calm our self-doubts as we find three reasons to find solace in God’s redeeming love.

 “But now thus says the Lord,
he who created you, O Jacob,
    he who formed you, O Israel:
Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name. You are mine.” (ESV)

Isaiah Shows Us Three Reasons to Find Comfort in God’s Redeeming Love

 1)He created us.

That is where we find our value and worth. The book of Genesis tells us we were made in the image (or likeness) of God Himself! And if we have a relationship with His Son Jesus, we are dressed in His radiant garments.

2) He formed us.

We were not merely created from random matter without rhyme or reason. Instead, we are formed with design and purpose, tenderly fashioned with the very hands of the Master Artist and Creator of the universe! As Christ-followers, we find security in God’s embrace.

 3) He called us by name and said we are His.

We can release all of the labels the world has used against us and find our identity in who God says we are.

You are HIS and called by name, “He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” (John 10:3)

 Friend, He ended up leading me to sit beside a lovely older woman on that shuttle to the women’s event I talked about above. Her welcoming words drew my eyes off of my clothes and into an engaging conversation, where I learned she was friends with my husband’s great aunt! (God wink)

And you can imagine my surprise when she stepped up onto the stage as one of the main speakers later that day!

 Dear reader, are you redeemed? Rejoice in the One who calls you “beloved”—you are masterfully created and formed by the hands of the God who knows your name.

 Let us find our security and comfort in God’s redeeming love as we follow where He leads!