Understanding the Root Cause of Self-doubt and People-pleasing

Understanding the Root Cause of Self-doubt and People-pleasing

Did you know that feelings of insecurity, people-pleasing, and seeking validation are all symptoms with a common root cause?

These are all signs of a lack of understanding of our identity as daughters of God.

I can relate to this on a personal level. When I was 19 and dating a navy pilot, his aunt told him he was missing out on God's best by dating me. Her words left me feeling unworthy and insecure—and we broke up after he moved to a different city.  

A Radical Encounter With Jesus

Yet soon after that, Jesus radically transformed me (and my life)—and I became a pastor’s wife and began serving in ministry!

But I didn’t realize that even as a Christian, pastor’s wife, and Bible teacher, I still carried that unworthiness label. It took years for me to break free from the pattern of people-pleasing and trying to prove myself worthy.

But friend, the truth is, if we are a Christ-follower, Ephesians 2:10 tells us we are God's workmanship (or masterpiece), created in Christ Jesus for good works that He has already prepared for us to do.

We don't need to seek validation from others or let their opinions define us.

Let Grace Set the Pace

Together, we can break free from these old labels and radiate the beauty of our Creator by walking confidently in the good works that He has prepared for us.

Let's learn to let grace set the pace in our families, work, and ministries!

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