Abusive Relationships and Finding Safety in God

September 26, 2023
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Have you ever felt unsafe in a relationship? Today, we discuss finding safety in God’s Embrace—Episode Four of the podcast.

We discuss the biblical character, Abigail, in 1 Samuel 25—and learn that while she was “discerning and beautiful,” her husband Nabal was “harsh and badly behaved.” Yet we see how God gave her wisdom to navigate her difficult situation.

And I am excited to introduce our special guest, Michelle Ruddell. Michelle shares a snippet of her harrowing story in my book which launches in early November of 2023 titled, Securely Held: Finding Significance and Security in the Shelter of God’s Embrace.

Michelle shares about finding freedom from an abusive marriage and how God protected her and helped her get herself and her two daughters to safety.

The first section of Securely Held is on identity—and we see when we don’t truly understand who we are as God’s daughters—we open ourselves up to unsafe relationships.

You don’t want to miss Michelle’s story of deliverance and learn about her Easter miracle on the heels of her young daughter’s gut-wrenching question, “Is my daddy gonna kill you?”

To learn more about Michelle and her book, Welcome to the Club: I’m Sorry You’re Here—Connect With Michelle Ruddell

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