No Longer an Orphan: Discovering Identity as a Cherished Daughter of God

November 29, 2023
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Have you ever felt ignored, abandoned, or rejected? If so, you're not alone! Join us and our special guest, Shelly Brown, as she shares her incredible journey of discovery. From her complex childhood trauma to the death of her parents, becoming a ward of the state, and living in foster care, Shelly's story is one of transformation.

Through her experience, she went from a forsaken and abandoned orphan to a cherished and chosen daughter of God. We'll also explore the story of Mary Magdalene, who was once an outcast possessed by demons, but later became a devoted follower of Jesus. She followed him closely and even used her own resources to support him.

Finally, we'll provide practical advice on how to overcome the fear of abandonment and find solace in our Heavenly Father's redeeming love. Join us on this journey toward liberation from the spirit of rejection!

More about Shelly Brown: Shelly is on the co-ownership team with Redemption Press and serves with Love UnVeiled, a transformational discipleship ministry that helps women experience healing, transformation, and freedom to become who God created them to be.

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